How we feel about our environment directly impacts our quality of life.

Environmental wellness is about recognizing our responsibility for the quality of our air, water and earth. It is also about our social environment, how we respect others with different backgrounds and perspectives, and how we are free to exchange ideas and information. Learn more about VCU's resources for environmental wellness.


The VCU Office of Sustainability
Sustainability at VCU intends to be mindful stewards of our diverse human and natural environments through education, innovation, collaboration and engagement. To learn more about VCU's sustainability plan, recycling at VCU, or VCU's Learning Gardens, visit

Building Inclusive Communities
Learn more about this VCU initiative to support the university community in creating an engaged, diverse and inclusive campus environment.

VCU Recreational Sports Outdoor Adventure Program
This resource includes a trips and activities, a bike shop, equipment rental, books, maps, videos and trail guides. Learn more about the Outdoor Adventure Program.

RamsWay is a series of routes connecting key locations on each campus such as classroom buildings, libraries, residence halls, and parking decks. Special attention was paid to discern paths with adequate lighting, existing ERTs phones, low landscaping, video surveillance and more.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's mission is to protect and improve the environment for the well-being of all Virginians. The agency offers a number of opportunities across the Commonwealth for residents to participate in environmental activities and remain aware of important issues. 

Helpful tips for environmental wellness:

  • Walk to lunch instead of driving

  • Start recycling

  • Garden

  • Map out a safe route to walk around campus

  • Learn about community resources that support environmental wellness