Occupational wellness is about finding personal satisfaction and enrichment in your everyday work.

Value the importance of not only your own personal gratification, but your contribution to the well-being of the community at large. Make it a priority to find paid and volunteer opportunities that interest you.

Career Development

As an institution of higher education, lifelong learning is an integral part of VCU’s core values. As such, the university is committed to offering learning opportunities for employees to improve current job effectiveness, to prepare for career advancement, and to enhance personal career development. VCU expects all employees to participate in some form of career development on a regular and ongoing basis to sustain, enhance, and improve their skills and competencies. For more information, visit the HR Career Development intranet, https://insidehr.vcu.edu. Go to the "guidelines" tab, click on "career development," then "career development planning."

 Volunteering at VCU

The VCU Office of Community Engagement
The VCU Office of Community Engagement states that community engagement is about partnerships between VCU and its communities that are working together and changing lives. To learn how you can get involved, click here for service opportunities.

Massey Cancer Center
Massey is dedicated to discovering, developing, delivering and teaching effective means to prevent, detect, treat and cure cancer through innovative research, patient care and education. Learn more here.

Parkinson's and Movements Disorder Center
The Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center combines research, clinical evaluation and treatment; and education and outreach to provide a coordinated approach for developing strategies that combat movement disorders and neurodegenerative disorders. Learn more here.

Tuition waiver
VCU offers tuition waivers to faculty, adjunct faculty and classified staff. These waivers may be used for academic credit in a VCU undergraduate, graduate or first-professional degree course. The tuition waiver covers standard undergraduate and graduate tuition, university fee, student activity fee, student government fee, technology fee and capital outlay fee. Click here for more information.

Grace Harris Leadership Institute - VCU Leadership Development
The Virginia Commonwealth University Leadership Development Program is a 10-month program designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and experience of current and emerging leaders at VCU who represent the academic and administrative units of the University and the VCU Health System. To learn more about this program, others and the Institute, click here

Helpful tips for occupational wellness:

  • Clean up your work space

  • Tak a four to five minute break for yourself

  • Have lunch with a colleague

  • Create positive note cards