Physical wellness is more than the absence of illness.

It is about maintaining a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Adopting healthy sleep habits, getting routine medical exams and immunizations, maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising regularly are a few examples of how to live a healthy life. Physical wellness also means avoiding risky behaviors like smoking and drugs. VCU offers a variety of physical wellness resources to help you make good choices and find healthy activities that fit your life and level of mobility.

Chair Yoga

VCU HR along with VCU Rec Sports, offers free chair and regular yoga classes to employees, virtually.  Please see the VCU HR Work*Life*Well-Being page to view upcoming sessions. If you can't make a class, or just need a quick stretch, please go to the chair  yoga videos.  Below is a description of each video.

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support.  We all spend way too much time sitting and this is a great way to ground your mind and body in less than 10 minutes.  Some benefits of practicing these chair yoga poses (called asanas) include improved flexibility, better concentration, increased strength, reduced joint strain, reduced stress, and portability and convenience – you can do chair yoga at your desk or anywhere you can find a place to sit!


Monday - warming up for the week, slowing down in the middle of a stressful Monday

Start the week off by taking the time to slow down and warm up the body. This modified seated sun salutation sequence invites mobility into the spine with some simple seated stretches while simultaneously using forward folds to feel grounded and engaged.


Tuesday - Upper Body

This video will focus on the upper body and shoulders by incorporating movements that stretch the shoulders, chest and spine.


Wednesday - Standing - staying energized in the middle of the work week (balance)

Using a chair for support, find stability in the body and mind to stay energized with this balancing standing sequence.


Thursday - Lower Body and Core

Stretch your hips and engage your core using this sequence, focusing on lower body mobility and strengthening of your abdominal muscles.


Friday - Slowing Down - breathe and reflect back on the week

Take the time to slow down and breathe with this gentle sequence. Inviting mobility into the neck, wrists and upper body; finding release.



DHRM Health and Wellness Programs

VCU employees with state health insurance are eligible to participate in programs including Anthem's Future Moms Maternity Program or Aetna's Maternity Program  (if you are expecting a baby), Condition Care or Bariatric Surgery Education Program (if you have a long-term condition), and Wellbeing Coach and Lifestyle and Condition Coaching(if you are invested in your health). Incentive Programs for some long-term health conditions where needed drugs or supplies may be provided at no cost. Click here for more information.


CommonHealth is administered by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management to provide health and wellness programs to state employees and their covered family members as well as wage employees and retirees. Programs are presented in a variety of formats to make it easy to participate. 

Fitness discounts for VCU employees

For area fitness discounts, check out the employee discount codes or state employee fitness discounts.


RamBikes offers free rentals of commuter cruisers to students, faculty and staff. All thats needed is a VCU ID. Rental includes bicycle, helmet and lights for up to 72 hours at a time. For more information, visit


Having a flu shot is the best way to help prevent influenza, commonly know as flu.  Although flu shots are no guarantee against getting sick, you can protect yourself against flu by getting a flu shot at your local drug store. Just show your COVA Care, COVA HealthAware or COVA HDHP plan ID card to the participating pharmacist to get flu shots at no cost for you and covered family members. 

The COVA Care and COVA HDHP prescription drug programs are with Anthem, while the COVA HealthAware program is with Aetna.

Every year, on-campus flu shot clinics are held in September and October. Employees can also go to area pharmacies to get their shots. For more information on participating pharmacies, visit

Special Note for COVA HealthAware participants: 

If you intend to use your flu shot to obtain "Do Right" credit in your Aetna Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), be sure to obtain written confirmation of your flu shot from the participating pharmacy.

VCU Recreational Sports

As a member of the Recreational Sports program, faculty and staff enjoy quality fitness spaces and excellent programs at very reasonable rates. Faculty and staff who have never had a Rec Sports membership are eligible for a one-month trial membership. Daily self- sponsorship is also available. Rec Sports and HR have collaborated on a Work Well quarterly employee newsletter that will be sent by e-mail three times a year. To subscribe, click here.

Walking on campus
Walking briskly has many physical benefits. Outdoor walking routes are available for both the Monroe Park and MCV Campus. Check them out here and take a walk at lunch! 

Weight Watchers
VCU offers on-campus Weight Watchers meetings weekly with special pricing for employees.

Helpful tips for physical wellness:

  • Attend a group exercise class

  • Take a walk during your lunch break

  • Go to the gym at least three days/week for two weeks

  • Attend a VCU work/life event

  • Bike 20 minutes two days/week for two weeks