Social Resources

Social well-being is about how your relationships
impact the quality of your life.

How you interact with others and your respect for different perspectives impacts your social well-being. VCU offers resources to help you cultivate and maintain positive, healthy relationships and communication skills among friends, family members, and co-workers.

Community Service

Employees can use community service leave to attend school functions or participate in volunteer community service organizations. Visit the VCU Office of Community Engagement for ideas and service opportunities.

Career Communities

Learn more about VCU career communities and opportunities for employees who are doing similar work or who have similar career interests to connect regularly to network, share information, and determine best practices.

Student Accessibility and Educational

Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (SAEO) promotes student development and creates a campus culture of inclusion and equal access for all students.

Community Engagement

VCU's Community Engagement program, a key component of the Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success, provides expertise supporting high-quality community engagement while leveraging university resources to address critical community-identified needs.

VCU Link

Network with fellow Rams on VCU Link! VCU’s online community for connecting students, alumni and friends of the university for career advice, industry contacts and meaningful professional relationships

⬥ Volunteer VCU

Volunteering at VCU to get involved and make a difference. Volunteer at VCU opportunities and community involvement are offered here



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