Social Wellness is about how your relationships impact the quality of your life.

How you interact with others and your respect for different perspectives impacts your social wellness. VCU offers resources to help you cultivate and maintain positive, healthy relationships and communication skills among friends, family members, and co-workers.


Community service
Use your community service leave to attend school functions or participate in volunteer community service organizations. Visit the VCU Office of Community Engagement for ideas and service opportunities. 

Career communities
Learn more about VCU career communities, opportunities for employees who are doing similar work or who have similar career interests to connect regularly to network, share information, and determine best practices.

Lifelong learning
Join colleagues for a wellness workshop. Use VCU's tuition benefit to pursue or continue your education and take a class for academic credit. Check out the professional development opportunities offered through VCU Human Resources, VCU Technology Services and others in Talent@VCU

Helpful tips:

  • Become active in a club, group, or organization

  • Take up a hobby and find others who share your interest

  • Rekindle old friendships and nurture friendships with people who are respectful, positive, and supportive

  • Call or write to far-away friends or family

  • Cultivate new friendships outside of your family

  • Go to the gym with a friend

  • Turn off the TV/computer and interact with people