What is RamStrong?

Wellness is an active process through which people can make choices toward a more holistic well-being. RamStrong is a collective wellness resource for VCU faculty and staff. The RamStrong concept was developed by the Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute. Learn more about RamStrong.


Dimensions of wellness

There are eight dimensions of wellness to lead you towards a more balanced life. Visit our Resources page or assess your personal wellness to learn more.

8 dimensions of wellness

Calendar of events

Visit our Events page to view our ongoing events and workshops. 

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New! 2019 VCU HR Well-Being Fitness Bingo! 

VCU HR Wellness wants to help you live your best life by helping you inspire healthy habits, encourage you to freshen up your fitness routine, and challenge you to try new things. Join us on this 30 day challenge by grabbing a buddy and creating a team. Then, each day pick a square & complete the activity suggested in the square! All participants will be included in weekly raffles to score some awesome prizes including a Fitbit Inspire and gift cards! 

Visit our VCU HR Work/Life page for more information.






New! Chair yoga videos

Visit our chair yoga page to view our videos for each day of the week.