Financial Resources 

Financial well-being impacts our relationship with money and how we manage resources. Making informed decisions, living within your means, setting realistic goals and preparing for emergencies are some ways to enhance your financial well-being. 

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CommonHealth bite-sized learning videos

The state’s CommonHealth program offers brief videos about relieving financial stress.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employees who are eligible for and participate in state health benefits may have access to legal resources, estate planning products, counseling, employee discounts, health and wellness, etc. through Employee Assistance Programs.

Employee discounts

VCU employees are eligible for a variety of services and discounts using either their VCUCard ID or a special code. Popular discounts include theme parks, travel and rental, shopping, and area fitness facilities and clubs. Visit the Employee discounts page for more information.

Financial fitness workshops

VCU Human Resources offers a series of free financial fitness workshops for VCU faculty and staff that provide general savings and investment information. For more information, view the events page.

Health insurance premium rewards

Employees and/or their eligible enrolled spouses in COVA Care and COVA HealthAware can earn premium rewards at any time during the plan year. For more information, visit HR Employee Benefits.

Retirement counseling sessions

Sign up for individual retirement counseling with vendor representatives to review investment products and individual retirement counseling services.

Retirement savings benefits

Participate in a tax deferred annuity (TDA) 403(b) program, the Roth 403(b) program as an after-tax savings vehicle, and a cash match plan for eligible faculty and staff who contribute at least $10 (pre-tax) each pay period. Learn more.

Student Financial Services 

The VCU Student Financial Services team supports students through the many financial stages of their VCU experience. From understanding and applying for financial aid to planning a budget while in school and beyond.


Talent@VCU offers learning, performance management and career development. Log into Talent@VCU and search “financial” for information on financial well-being or search “career” for more information about managing your career.

Tuition benefit

VCU offers a tuition benefit for faculty, adjunct faculty, university and academic professionals, and classified employees. The benefit may be used for academic credit in a VCU undergraduate, graduate or first-professional degree course. The tuition benefit covers standard undergraduate and graduate tuition, university fee, student activity fee, student government fee, technology fee and capital outlay fee. The tuition benefit only covers VCU courses. Click here for more information.

VACU Financial Success Center

The Virginia Credit Union Financial Success Center (FSC) at VCU is helps the VCU community achieve financial success. FSC provides free personal and professional financial education, including assistance and counseling on budgeting, saving, credit, student loan repayment, career transitions and more.


Get your education savings questions answered through live informational webinars or get hints, tips and strategies from Virginia529's on-demand video library. The Virginia529 Smart Savers Academy offers free segments to help you understand the ins and outs of 529 plans, including how to use your account when you’re ready. The Virginia529 Smart Savers Academy.

Virginia Credit Union membership

VCU faculty and staff can join the Virginia Credit Union and save. Take advantage of low-cost financial services and educational resources. Learn more at

Virginia Credit Union Membership

VCU faculty and staff can join the Virginia Credit Union and save. Take advantage of low-cost financial services and educational resources. Learn more about Virginia Credit Union at Special for VCU faculty and staff – you can now join with no money needed for funding (member share is covered as a courtesy by Virginia Credit Union). Join today!

Virginia Department of Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division

The division is tasked with reuniting citizens with their lost funds. Unclaimed property can include dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, stocks and dividends, insurance proceeds, refunds, and more. One in four Virginians have missing money. Learn more at

Work/Life Well-being Blog

VCU HR maintains a work/life well-being blog that shares daily tips and tricks for living a fulfilling and happy life, both at home and in the workplace.

Virginia Credit Union - Banzai

Virginia Credit Union (VACU) is excited to introduce Banzai, a financial wellness tool designed to empower employees on your journey to financial confidence. You can access a comprehensive wellness center that provides educational content on a wide range of topics including insurance, taxes, credit management, home buying, retirement planning, and more. As you progress through the activities, there will be a chance to win cash prizes, tickets, and other giveaways sponsored by VACU.

Virginia Retirement System financial resources

There are several strategies to pay down credit card debt. The Credit Card Pay Down tool from myVRS Financial Wellness estimates how quickly your debt can disappear and helps you determine what works best for you. Log in to your myVRS account and select "financial wellness" to access this tool and choose your strategy.


To share your suggestions on additional resources for the VCU community, contact the Division of Administration at