Physical Resources

Physical well-being is about maintaining a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Adopting healthy sleep habits, getting routine medical exams and immunizations, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly are a few examples of how to improve physical well-being. This also includes avoiding risky behaviors like smoking and drugs. 

Employee Resources    Student Resources

VCU Employee Health Services

VCU Employee Health Services has locations on the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses that offer services such as no-cost immunizations, including flu and COVID-19 vaccines, and clinical support with work-related and general health concerns, injuries or exposures. Call the Employee Health Hotline at (804) 628-2594 for COVID-19 or any work-related health concerns.

For more information, visit

University Student Health Services

University Student Health Services provides quality outpatient medical care and public health services, including health education programming that empowers students to become full participants in their health care.

Students can use the web portal to schedule a COVID or flu vaccine appointments and results. For all other appointments, call the clinic.

COVID-19 and public health measures

Health advisories, including information about COVID-19 vaccination and other public health measures, now have a permanent home at Visit this site to stay informed about recommendations for VCU and surrounding communities.

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. Chair yoga is great when you need a quick stretch but can’t make a full session. Find 10-minute chair yoga videos here.


CommonHealth is administered by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management to provide health and wellness programs to state employees and their covered family members as well as wage employees and retirees. Programs are presented in a variety of formats to make it easy to participate. 

Condition Care

Anthem subscribers can access Condition Care to get help managing asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, heart failure or coronary disease. Talk to a nurse for help with health questions, anytime, anywhere. Get a health screening by phone at no extra cost with support from other health experts like pharmacists and dieticians. Additional education guides, email newsletters and tools to learn more about your condition are provided. Receive certain medications or supplies at no cost upon meeting certain requirements. Call 1-844-507-8472 to get started.

Employee Fitness Discounts

VCU Recreation & Well-Being (RecWell) offers discounted memberships for employees, along with additional adults and minor memberships. Memberships provide access to the Cary Street Gym and the MCV Campus Recreation Center, including free group exercise classes and a variety of programs to support your health and well-being.  For area fitness discounts, check out the fitness section under VCU employee discount codes.

LBGTQIA+ health resources

VCU Libraries offers two health care resource guides for the LGBTQIA+ community and providers:

Monthly employee events

The VCU community offers employee well-being programs each month. Visit the events page for upcoming events and to register in Talent@VCU.

Recreation and well-being

VCU Recreation and Well-being (RecWell) provides a broad range of programs and services that support the well-being of our VCU community, including group exercise, outdoor adventure, intramural sports, personal training, aquatics, massage therapy, and much more. VCU employees may purchase a membership, but they may also purchase a day pass or our many services at the community rate without a membership. 

VCU alcohol and other drug resources

VCU has an Alcohol and Other Drug Policy (AOD) that is intended to provide additional resources to all members of the VCU community related to alcohol and other drug use issues. The Division of Student Affairs also provides more information on the health risks associated with alcohol and drug use, and where to get help for yourself or a classmate or colleague.

VCU employee benefits

Employees who are eligible for and take advantage of state health benefits coverage may be able to participate in programs including maternity care, well-being and lifestyle coaching, mental/emotional counseling, and more. Learn more at

VCU Health Wellness Library

Newly diagnosed? Need to know how to manage a chronic condition? Want to learn more about wellness and nutrition? VCU Medical Center's Health and Wellness Library can help you find answers to your health questions and provide additional well-being resources. Located on the ground floor of VCU Medical Center's Gateway Building the library is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center diet and nutrition

VCU's Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center's registered dietician hosts a Diet and Nutrition blog that posts simple and healthy recipes, meal planning tips and information about the connection between diet and cancer survivorship.

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VCU Ram Pantry

The VCU Ram Pantry ensures food security, human dignity and well-being on campus by providing in-need VCU students with food. The Ram Pantry collaborates with university and community partners to research and implement innovative approaches to food security and community health. This ensures that no student in the VCU community goes hungry and that every student has access to nutritious food. 

VCU RamBikes

RamBikes offers free rentals of commuter cruisers to students, faculty and staff with a valid VCU ID. Rental includes a bicycle, helmet and lights for up to 72 hours at a time. For more information, visit

Tobacco cessation

VCU provides a call line to seek information about quitting tobacco and nicotine products and starting a track to a happier healthier life. The state of Virginia also offers local resources as well. View tobacco cessation resources at VCU and within your area.

⬥ Virtual health resources

Faculty and staff who participate in the State Health Benefits Program can access virtual and/or in-person care through their provider. For more information, visit

Walking on campus

Walking briskly has many physical benefits. Outdoor walking routes are available for both the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses. Check out the routes here.

Weight Watchers

VCU offers on-campus Weight Watchers meetings weekly with special pricing for employees. To learn more, visit the VCU Weight Watchers website. 


To share your suggestions on additional resources for the VCU community, contact the Division of Administration at