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Perks at Work

Employees can access free, live on-demand classes, discounts and resources through Perks at Work. Virtual programming includes classes for adults and children, restorative exercise, personal development, sports, and much more! Join by registering with your VCU email address. 

Perks at Work

Recreation and Well-being  

VCU Recreation and Well-being (RecWell) advances student success by empowering the VCU community to prioritize well-being, connect with others, and learn through play. RecWell offers a diversity of virtual programming including fitness, wellness, outdoor programs, parent and child programs, and more!



Playlists for on demand sessions are available to employees with access to Talent@VCU at:

Talent@VCU Playlist




- Ergonomics 101

- Advance Care Planning

- The Truth About Dieting

- Being the Best You: Self-improvement Modeling

- Managing Anxiety in the Workplace

- De-stress: Medication and Movement for Stress

- Professional Writing and Email Etiquette

- How to Protect Your Identity

- Cultivating Mental Agility




- Creating a Positive and   Healthy Work Environment

- The Mindful Workday

- De-stress: Meditation and Movement for Stress

- RecWell’s Body Scan Guided Meditation

- RecWell’s Loving Kindness Meditation

- RecWell’s Compassion Guided Meditation

- Are You Healthy Financially?

- Financial Modeling and Literacy

- Organizing Your Financial Records


⬥ VCU RecWell

RecWell offers various online fitness videos you can view any time and anywhere! Explore the online playlist to find the right workout for you.

RecWell Playlist

⬥ CommonHealth 

Explore the CommonHealth of Virginia video playlists. Online videos focus in the four main areas:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Work
  • Social

CommonHealth Playlists

⬥ TEDTalks

Work-life balance, says Nigel Marsh, is too important to be left in the hands of your employer. At TEDxSydney, Marsh lays out an ideal day balanced between family time, personal time and productivity -- and offers some stirring encouragement to make it happen.

How to Make Work-life Balance Work

⬥ CommonHealth Financial

This series discusses some tips and helpful suggestions on reducing stress associated financial situations:

Financial Wellness I

Financial Wellness II

VACU Financial Webinars

Information to help you feel confident about managing your money.

Topics Include:

  • The Why Behind Buying
  • SMART Money Goals
  • Planning yous Family's Finances
  • Understanding your Credit Report and more!

VACU Webinars

TIAA Financial Webinars

TIAA offers webinars that can help you keep your financial goals on track. Reserve your spot today at TIAA.org/webinars. These webinars provide general information that you should discuss with your personal tax and legal advisors to determine how it may apply to your individual circumstances. This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice under ERISA.


Fidelity Investments

Women Talk Money
Fidelity’s investing community—for women, by women.

Women Talk Money

Navigating Market Volatility
Fidelity’s online web series

Navigating Market Volatility

VACU Managing Holiday

VACU shows you how to keep the financial hangover away with smart planning, cost management and organization for the holidays!

Managing Holiday Finances

VACU Balance Your Holiday

Learn how to balance your holiday spending in a way that won’t break your budget.

Balance Your Holiday Spending

VACU Budgeting in a Time of

This webinar focuses on how to create the right financial budget to help you and your family get through these uncertain times.

Budgeting in a Time of Crisis